Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My final for this project but not forever. I tried to keep this simple and hard at the same time. gave it some texture with the brick in the back and tried a "spray paint" look for the text.


With the Punk girl I once again started in illustrator and made my shapes. Brought it into photoshop and used the shape area's as a base for a "spray paint" look to her. Which i felt was a perfect fit for the type of girl i was trying to portray. i changed it from the orignal sketch i thought this layout was defiantly more effective.


With this one i took the same steps, but the color scheme is completely different. I wanted to use bright and "girly" colors. Since this was my second one it didn't take as long for the shapes and layout, i found difficulty trying to set it apart from the first one but at the same time keeping the same "collection" . After trying many different techniques and styles this is the finish result. I think the background design just suits the type of girl i was going for. Also the 3D rendering for her earings just added to the design so well.


This was the first girl started with. i Drew the rough outline and brought the image into Adobe Illustrator and created the shapes for the girl , guitar, and text. After that was finished I brought the image into photoshop and by selecting each shape then adding any shading and highlights that were needed. I couldn't get the look right for her hair so I went back in to illustrator and did a gradient mesh on her hair. I wanted her to look hard and tough so i kept her clothing very dark. I gave the text some texture by using some brush techniques i have learned in photoshop.

I think this one turned out well.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rough sketches

Here are the rough sketches for my design, I am taking these digital so these are mostly just guidelines to the look and positioning of the girls.

Pin-up art.

hello, my name is Carmela and I am a fourth semester Graphic Design Student, who soon will be apart of the Graphic Design industry.

Our last Project For Lief Peng's Illustration class, was complete freedom to do any project our heart desires. So my project started with my desire for creating my own sort of pin-up girl style collection of girls. I ended up choosing to do 4 different girls (one each week). I thought there was no where more suitable for these girls than using them as laptop skins.

The four categories for girls i choose is Diva, Punk, Rock, and classic, in my opinion the pin-up girls of my generation.

I will be posting my work along the way, to show the techniques and steps I'm taking to complete this project. All comments are always appreciated, good or bad.

-Carmela De Pasquale