Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pin-up art.

hello, my name is Carmela and I am a fourth semester Graphic Design Student, who soon will be apart of the Graphic Design industry.

Our last Project For Lief Peng's Illustration class, was complete freedom to do any project our heart desires. So my project started with my desire for creating my own sort of pin-up girl style collection of girls. I ended up choosing to do 4 different girls (one each week). I thought there was no where more suitable for these girls than using them as laptop skins.

The four categories for girls i choose is Diva, Punk, Rock, and classic, in my opinion the pin-up girls of my generation.

I will be posting my work along the way, to show the techniques and steps I'm taking to complete this project. All comments are always appreciated, good or bad.

-Carmela De Pasquale

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